Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Weston!

Here is our handsome Birthday Boy, Weston Kinser is "2" today. His mama and sister wanted to sing him Happy Birthday but he was not having any part of that. He can certainly be a stinker when he wants. How time has flown. We just adore this little man just like his sister and brother. Weston is a smarty. He seems to understand everything, knows how to do most everything or he will figure it out, his words "No I will do it". His vocabulary is and has been amazing. He has learned how to climb out of his crib, which took a while fortunately, Mom and Dad love his visits in the middle of the night. He loves to ride his scooter, play in the water but not so much going in the boat and not on the Seadoo with Grandpa. (scary). It is pure joy watching these little blessings grow up!

 Photo: Any Comments on our chubby baby?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

                                                            Wilson is "4"

Wilson turned 4 on January 8th. He had a great Super Hero party with friends and family. Wilson is imaginative and creative (naughty). And just as quickly he will run his little hand through your hair or down your back and say " I love you". He enjoys cuddling one moment and swords the next.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks giving was a wonderful gathering. Coley hosted and the family all brought wonderful food. It it so nice bringing families together and sharing and being Thankful for our bounty.


                                                       How to Train Your Dragon
Whitty and Coley chose the their costumes from the movie. Coley worked so hard on their costumes and they turned out adorable.

Weston Kinser Hendershot

Well here I am playing catchup. But so much time has passed I can't possibly get it all. I do however want to start with our 3rd blessing being grandparents. On September 5th we had the honor of welcoming Weston Kinser Hendershot into our lives. What a sweetie. He gave his mama quite an onery time arriving. But as with the other 2 she did beautiful and his daddy was there waiting along with Gramma K. & Gramma H.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wilson Turns "2"

What a joy to celebrate the 2nd birthday of our grandson. Wilson is a very busy young man. He is working on costing his parents their sanity. Wilson's daily objective is to see what he can get into and try out cause and effect. He loves getting the bar stools and climbing on the counters to reach everything he should not touch. Now that the top cabinets are up he enjoys getting ON the counters and getting in the top cabinets. One day I suggested mom put the stools behind the baby gate so he did not have access, soooo Wilson just went to his sisters room and got her little sitting stool and still accomplished his goals.
He loves to throw things so look out when something is in his hand. He loves his big sister and like to do what she is doing, even if it's dressing up in heels and princess dresses. He loves shoes. The boy will need 2 jobs to support his shoe fetish.
Wilson has a pretty good vocabulary but chooses to be very selective about using it. A favorite being no, but you have to hear hims use it. He definitely has an accent that none of us have.
He had a wonderful birthday party with all his friends and loved opening his gifts. He is such a joy when he comes barreling across the room and gives you a great big love. Or when you hold him and he gently runs his little hand through your hair.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time with Grandpa

Every since Whitney was born up until about 6 months ago, she was always scared of Grandpa. She would finally warm up to him on the last day of the visit. Then we would have to start all over again on the next visit. Not this guy he has always loved hanging with Grandpa. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but last week when Grandpa was here we were out at Mike and Coley's and Grandpa was sitting on the swing, Wilson would go over dip his chips in Daddy's salsa then walk backwards over to grandpas lap to swing some more. What great times